Our commitment to the environment

At Dycem, we recognize that environmental issues are of fundamental importance to a responsible business strategy. As a global organization, we are fully aware of our corporate social responsibility to contribute to sustainable development for the benefit of society and the environment.

With this in mind, we strive to operate our business in a responsible manner and to develop more sustainable products, whilst never compromising on value or performance. Our contamination control mats and flooring are manufactured to International Standards with the minimum carbon footprint, and we constantly seek to improve our processes to protect the future of our industries, our environment and our planet.

You can also reduce your carbon footprint by using Dycem products rather than alternatives, for example:

  • An 8in. ball of waste is created each time a peel-off mat is ripped up, generating enough waste to fill multiple dumpsters per year. Some of these used peel-off mats are classed as secondary waste, making it impossible to recycle and more costly to dispose of safely.
  • The contaminated bleach used in foot baths needs to be disposed of safely, and can pose health and safety risks due to spillages during use.
  • The use of shoe covers, which need to be changed per person/per shift, generates significant amounts of non-recyclable waste.


At Dycem, we are always seeking to improve our manufacturing processes and make our products as recyclable as possible. For a full list of how to dispose of our products, contact our Customer Support team.

Health and Safety

High-grade raw materials are used to produce Dycem floor mats and flooring ensuring standards exceed all prescribed health and safety requirements.


Our products

  • Are made with safe raw materials: no heavy metals, no solvent based inks, no phthalates and components rated as carcinogenic, no formaldehydes, no PCP.
  • Are non-toxic, no silicon, latex or DOP outgassing.
  • Contain no known hazardous components above regulatory thresholds.
  • Are compliant with all relevant national standards and the state of California proposition 65 legislation.

ISO 14001:2015

Dycem products are certified to the environmental management standard, ISO 14001:2015 and we ensure that all of our raw material suppliers are also ISO 14001 registered or have demonstrated their commitment to the environment.


Dycem is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of contamination control floor coverings. Our flooring products are solely manufactured in the UK at our Bristol facility. We recognize that environmental issues are of fundamental importance to a successful and responsible business strategy and strive to develop new and existing products with sustainability in mind, never compromising on value or performance.


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