Why Dycem?

Dycem vs. alternatives

Although the low initial cost of alternative products can appear attractive, this can be a false economy. When comparing factors such as lifetime costs, usage, and disposal, Dycem can prove to be a more effective, higher quality and lower cost alternative in the long run.

Dycem Vs Peel off mats

It is commonly thought that using disposable, adhesive peel-off mats, tacky mats or sticky mats is the answer to contamination control. However, tests from GlaxoSmithKline show that peel-off mats are only 27% effective in preventing foot and wheel-borne contamination.


Dycem vs foot baths

Compared with using Dycem, the use, maintenance and monitoring of foot baths can be both costly and time-consuming.


Dycem vs Shoe covers

Shoe covers are commonly used in cleanrooms as a way to control foot-borne contamination. Few who wear them give much thought to these critical environment consumables.



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