Why Dycem?


Dycem has an added ingredient – Biomaster, which is incorporated into our contamination control flooring during manufacture.

This product contains silver ions, which have naturally occurring antimicrobial properties. Silver has been used for hundreds of years to prevent the growth of bacteria. Having a low toxicity makes Biomaster ideal for all applications. You can put your trust in Dycem knowing that we use this highly effective additive in all our products.

As Biomaster is added to Dycem during manufacture, it is not something that can diminish, for example if were applied as a coating instead and provides longer lasting effectiveness against microbial growth.

The silver ions within Biomaster bind to the bacterial cell wall, and thus prevent growth by damaging it. The bacteria can no longer grow as their DNA has been damaged and they can no longer replicate. They can no longer produce energy either and therefore die.

Silver is inorganic and non-leaching which means, unlike organic antimicrobial technologies it stays within the item it is added to and provides effective and lasting antimicrobial protection without allowing bacteria to develop resistance.

Effective Antimicrobial Technology

Silver ion technology has been independently tested in over 2000 applications and has been proven to reduce the growth of over 50 harmful organisms by up to 99.9%.

Discover today how Dycem can protect your business, your profits and your personnel from the consequences of contamination.

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