CleanZone (CZ01)

For pedestrian and light wheeled traffic up to 1000lbs/psi


Prevents up to 99.9% of contamination from entering critical areas

Suitable for traffic up to

12 month

About CleanZone

Dycem CleanZone is a high performance, antimicrobial mat or flooring suitable for pedestrian flows and light wheeled traffic. Scientifically tested, it is proven to be the most effective way of controlling all forms of foot, wheel and airborne contamination from entering critical areas.

CleanZone is available in a range of attractive designs and will continue to look good between cleaning. It has the flexibility to be installed in a variety of custom sized and shaped areas and can be combined with a number of different edging options.

Where to use CleanZone

  • All pedestrian entrances to critical areas to prevent ingress of contamination
  • All pedestrian exits to prevent contamination leaving the critical area
  • Inside airlocks, gowning rooms, and air showers to control and retain contamination
  • In hallways to prevent cross contamination
  • Inside the critical area adjacent to critical products and processes


  • Can be installed as a standard mat or fully customized for areas that are complex in shape and construction
  • Ideal for inlaid or wall-to-wall flooring installations
  • Available in a range of colors for color-coding critical locations and providing clear demarcation between clean and dirty areas
  • Product life expectancy of 3-5 years (if maintained correctly as per manufacturer’s instructions)
  • Protected by a standard 12-month warranty from date of installation


  • Reduced floor (up to 99.9%) and air particulate (up to 75%) counts in controlled or critical areas
  • Long lasting, cost effective solution compared with peel-off mats and other alternatives
  • Reduced microbial counts due to Biomaster, a high performance anti-microbial additive in all Dycem products
  • Easy to clean, maintain, and incorporate into existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)

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International Patent Application Number GB2019/051387


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