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Clinical Services

Clinical Services

By actively reducing the risk of contamination, Dycem Contamination Control Floor Mats and Push Pad Systems ensure critical effectiveness whilst assuring work safe solutions for Critical Services environments.

Having to embrace a new way for people who use services and ensuring the environment is safe to provide a fully functioning facility, Dycem’s Floor Mats and Push Pad systems ensure cleanliness protocols are met and functioning to the highest of standards.

Dycem Contamination Control Floor Mats and Push Pads are perfect support for key areas such as:

  • Dental Practices
  • GP Rooms
  • Care Homes
  • Isolation Rooms
  • Laboratories


NES Norway

‘We are very happy with the Dycem mats. We could very quickly see the good effect of them, both stopping contamination from shoes and wheels. We are using them in the main entrance, before entering the
kitchen and before entering critical areas in our facility’

Aud Inngerd Olsen – Site Lead

Woodlands Compounding Facility

‘We are very satisfied. It is a great product that keeps all of our areas cleaner by controlling the contamination that can be brought in on shoes and wheels. The mats are also aesthetically pleasing and look professional. We see the most benefits in receiving due to the amount of dirt, controlled from the wheels of our large carts of goods.’

Owner – The Woodlands Compounding Pharmacy


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