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Quality and standards

Dycem has always strived to develop products and services that ensure customer satisfaction is achieved and, wherever possible, exceeded.

Our product range is continually being improved to ensure it meets the changing needs of customers. This commitment to ongoing improvement is complemented by excellent sales and customer service.

In order to achieve these simple but essential goals, the company operates a management system that conforms to the relevant national and international requirements. This system ensures a customer and quality focus exists throughout the organization, from product development, through manufacturing, to the delivery of our products, and beyond.

Our production processes are continuously monitored to make certain that products meet document requirements and that the products delivered to our customers conform to all relevant standards of the modern market.

The company sets measurable objectives and targets at all levels within the organization, which are regularly reviewed, to ensure its performance is in line with the top level quality policy and that customer focus remains at the forefront of the agenda at all times. Our systems are also evaluated by both internal audits and by periodic external audits.

Dycem complies with national and international legislation relating to the protection of human health and the environment from the use of chemicals. We strictly monitor our supply chain to ensure chemicals on the list of substances of very high concern are not present in our products. The company also carries out periodic testing of products at independent accredited laboratories.

Cyber Essentials compliance certificate


Environmental certificate


Health and Safety certificate


Quality certificate 2021



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